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In these difficult times there are many community organizations doing their best to provide relief. 

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The following are some of the known resource registries and tools. 





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Rochester Public Library Catalog of Community Networks



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Olmsted County Community Resources Guide (Green Book)



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Sourced from Mayo Clinic Community Engagement


Mayo Clinic Community Engagement 2017 Catalog











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Preserving Diversity Council

Rochester Area Resource List 

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Cultural and Spiritual Group List

 Extracted from Diversity Council Resource Page




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 Community Health Needs Assessment 1Q/2023 March Meeting 


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To be updated from time to time


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Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation (November 15, 2023)


CMRC Community Health Collaboraton Portal Application to Mayo Social Impact Grant (November 10, 2023)

1. CMRC proposal was not selected for funding 2023-11-10 but it did receive strong consideration from Mayo social impact review panel.  2. Community Health Collaboration Portal has been selected to second round and pitched to Mayo panel 2023-10-24. Pitch format to follow Mayo Clinic's Walleye Tank style.  3. August CMRC meeting video recording 4. CMRC Coalition's submission to Mayo Social Innovation Grant: Proposal details and letters of support.   ... Read more ...

Mayo Clinic part of new nationwide health innovation network (November 05, 2023)

1. The Mayo Clinic Platform is one of more than a dozen initial spokes of that network. Dr. John Halamka, president of the Mayo Clinic Platform, said it was chosen for its work using data and augmented intelligence to help find cures for patients. 2. Who's who in charge of Mayo Clinic Platform 3, Federal ARPA-H Info   ... Read more ...

State of Minnesota Governor Announrcements (November 04, 2023)

1. Elimination of Four-Year College Degree Requirements for Most State Jobs; 2. Grants for Infrastructure Projects That Will Fund Nearly 1,000 Jobs in Greater Minnesota;  3. Increased Payments for Child Care.     ... Read more ...

2023 Targeted Business Enterprise Utilization Plan Reports (November 02, 2023)

2023 4Q: October  2023 3Q Reports: September; August, July reports 2023 2Q: June 2023 Report (featuring Nashauna Johnson-Lenoir Success);  April 2023 Communications; Equity in Built Environment Career: Mentors and Guest Speakers Wanted.    ... Read more ...

CMR Outreach to community organizations to take up NIH Build Up Trust Grant (November 01, 2023)

1. 2023-11-01 CMRC Convening a Checkpoint Meeting to gauge collaboration interests. 2. 2023-10-12 One Olmstead to take a lead; 3. Updates with CMRC, 4.  More info from NIH 5. Outreaches to Mayo, UMR and Olmsted County Public Health.    ... Read more ...

Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (October 30, 2023)

1; Oct 2023 Inclusive and Equitable Communities Grant 2. 2019 impact report   ... Read more ...

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) 2023 Reports (October 29, 2023)

Four MCM Reports:  1. 2023 Current Conditions of Minnesota's Nonprofit Sector.  2. 2023 Minnesota Nonprofit Economy Report: A Statewide and Regional Analysis  3. Equity in Minnesota State Grantmaking 4. State Grants to Minnesota Nonprofits: Increasing Effectiveness, Transparency, and Accountability   ... Read more ...

City of Rochester, MN (October 27, 2023)

1. City of Rochester is currently looking for an individual to fill in as a temporary accounting technician.   2. Contact  Joy Harris <> if interested.  ... Read more ...

Trade Readiness (October 26, 2023)

1. Empowering 11th-grade students 2. Trade Readiness: Message from program manager and program flyers; Trades Readiness Certificate program   ... Read more ...

CMRC Support of Formation of a BioRochester Consortium (October 23, 2023)

1. October 23, 2023 EDA Tech Hubs Awardees Announcement 2. Video Clip from CMRC August Mtg; CMRC Letters of Support; References: BioRochester Review meeting video; Summary of Draft 3 BioRochester Plan, and Final Grant Submission   ... Read more ...

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