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Destination Medical Center (DMC) Joint Session

PlanScape Impact(s): Arts & Culture ; Economic Development ; Housing ; Sustainability ; Transportation ; Workforce Development ; Vision/Identity
Last modified: February 03, 2021 Public Report From Destination Medical Center (DMC)



Feb 3, 2021 DMCC-City-County-DMC EDA Collaborative Session


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City of Rochester


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DMC and City/County Joint Session: Video Recording Extraction


Joint Leadership Meeting Video



 City Administrator Pandemic Impacts:  

DMC Update

  • Recovery from Covid - 19:  28:1


Olmsted County: 39

HR&A Impact Analysis: 44:00


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Zoom Chat Log


From  randy petersen, post bulletin   to   Destination Medical Center(Direct Message) : Is it possible to get permission to record? Thanks.
12:53:36	 From  Destination Medical Center   to   randy petersen, post bulletin(Direct Message) : Yes, you may record the meeting. We'll be recording and posting to our website, as well.
13:01:51	 From  Devin Martin : Devin Martin ABC 6 NEWS here. Permission tp record?
13:02:06	 From  Bill Von Bank, Destination Medical Center : Yes.
13:02:22	 From  Nick Campion : Just make sure to get my good side.
13:02:34	 From  Mark Thein : What good side?
13:02:44	 From  Nick Campion : Fair. Fair.
13:27:36	 From  Mayor Kim Norton : Absolutely!  The community has really stepped up!
13:50:56	 From  Sheila Kiscaden, Olmsted Commissioner : Rochester is an economic engine for the entire state and especially for the southeast region.  What connection or strategies does DMC have to regional development and vitality?
13:52:37	 From  Sheila Kiscaden, Olmsted Commissioner : As DMC seeks to attract talent...why not to the region rather than limiting the recruittment focus on Rochester?
13:55:21	 From  Chris Schad : Commissioner Kiscaden - re regional development, one way is through supporting entrepreneurship activities in collaboration with RAEDI, City, Collider, SMIF, SBDC, and others.
13:55:28	 From  Patrick Seeb : excellent question and point, Commissioner Kiscaden.  Totally agree...regional opportunity.
13:55:41	 From  Chris Schad : More work to do!
13:55:57	 From  Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick : Indeed! Commuters into the city can have a negative impact on quality of life. By creating larger economic opportunities in surrounding communities, they share the benefit as well.
14:08:38	 From  Nick Campion : I’m concerned that “diversify” sends the wrong message. We should be looking to ‘land and expand’ additional companies in markets we have strong leadership in: biotech, medical, medtech. -> also part of a regional/statewide strategy
14:08:57	 From  Mayor Kim Norton : I'm stepping off - sorry to miss this.  Hoping my colleagues will update me on the rest of the discussion.
14:09:00	 From  Gregg Wright : Are we looking at all Zoning that also includes affordable housing, such as, adding and apartment within an existing house for an elderly relative, allowing alternative housing styles such as tiny houses, and zoning requirement that make it more expensive to build in the city compared to building outside of the city?
14:10:00	 From  Nick Campion : Gregg Wright: Within the city, our comprehensive plans calls for support of ADU (accessory dwelling units) which match your description.  We are in the process of updating policies and land development laws to make it more practical.
14:10:09	 From  Mark Bransford : would micro-loans by worth exploring to attract the smaller mom/pop and more “unique” retail and businesses?
14:10:54	 From  Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick : It would be nice to see downtown promoting activities and green space that places no demands on ones income. Many of the economic ideas leave out a significant portion of our community.
14:12:33	 From  Gregg Wright : I am hoping the "diversity" would include level of education needed for a jobs (such as replacing jobs lost when Seneca moved and providing more jobs for entry level workers)
14:12:48	 From  Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick : The updated UDC will provide significant sustainability options, and I’m glad to see the micro-housing units that may be provided through hotel initiatives.
14:16:43	 From  Tom’s iPhone : The city for health brand will be key in the global competition for talent. Every decision we make should reinforce the brand.
14:16:54	 From  Harry Hoffman : Sixth Street SW bridge product would open up redevelopment of Kmart, AMPI, Fullerton sites.  As big an opportunity as Ford Plant site in St. Paul.
14:17:37	 From  Aaron Parrish : Study can be found here 
14:17:38	 From  Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick : Low-income housing needs to include land access. We cannot continue to house those with fewer opportunities, in spaces that do not hold increased opportunity for quality of life.
14:19:18	 From  Clark Otley : Tom's idea around leveraging Rochester's "City of Health" brand and resources is very important.  MN and Rochester are advanced in this regard but we can do better.  This will take a village.  
14:19:21	 From  Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick : The Ford plant site is a model that has been mentioned for the DWSE-SAP - yes! This could work. The 6th Street bridge however is a controversial subject amongst the largest and most active Neighborhood Association in Rochester.
14:20:14	 From  Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick : Pivoting quickly to an owner-occupied model in overbuilds can increase economic activity and give good homes to many.
14:20:28	 From  Sheila Kiscaden, Olmsted Commissioner : Senior Housing....the biggest need is for ACTIVE senior housing.
14:21:30	 From  Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick : The greatest need for transit is on the Eastisde.
14:22:51	 From  Nick Lemmer : RPT currently has a 750-stall park and ride at RCTC.
14:23:32	 From  Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick : YES! Lets use it. Get an electric bus there!
14:24:30	 From  David Dunn : To answer the specific question on the demand for market rate rental units, there is a demand for 3,112 units market rate rental units between now and 2030.
14:25:55	 From  Gregg Wright : We need Park and Rides for commuters but let us remember than low-income residents who live within the city and close by also need a better transportation system to get their daily needs met.
14:26:48	 From  David Dunn : For perspective on the multifamily housing...between 2011 and 2019 4,477 multifamily housing units were created.
14:26:53	 From  Aaron Parrish : Phase 2 of Rapid Transit, whatever the preferred alignment is, is contemplated within the 4th or 5th year of the adopted CIP
14:27:02	 From  Molly Dennis : I believe we need to be careful to keep local community in the "transit experience" equation.  Some of the amazing rapid transit presentations are great for Mayo employees and patients.  Unfortunately not a single community member I have talked with would pack their double stroller, diaper bags, coolers, three kids and dog onto a bus to soldier's field.  We need to have adequate parking for accessibility for our local residents.
14:27:05	 From  Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick : One of the most effective and efficient ways to transport commuters for the south would be the rails form the Southern Seneca freezer site. A cool trolley or train would be a fun way to get in and out of town. Minimal infrastructure changes too with drop off at the #6 Parking ramp.
14:27:25	 From  Gregg Wright : We also have elderly folks who may not drive anymore and need a transportation system to help them get their daily needs met.
14:29:04	 From  Patrick Keane : I want to go back to branding and City for Health.  This ties back to housing and Active Senior Housing
14:29:07	 From  Sheila Kiscaden, Olmsted Commissioner : Can we advance use of the existing rail line as a future transit corridor....that is an endeavor that the County has strong interest in seeing as part of the future.
14:29:08	 From  Mark Bransford : To follow up on Greg Wright’s point; we need more cross town bus routes, because there are a lot of jobs outside downtown too
14:29:36	 From  Pamela Wheelock : I have to go join my next zoom meeting - sorry to leave early, but really appreciate the work to prepare for this and the continued commitment to collaboration between parties.
14:31:06	 From  Brooke Carlson - Rochester Council President : Look forward to having these discussions at upcoming Council meetings to process some of these great ideas so I can bring them back to represent the City's perspective on the DMCC Board.
14:32:32	 From  Stephanie Podulke : Many local residents see their neighborhoods being impacted and changed radically.  We need to reach out to the neighborhoods and not exclude them from plans that impact them.  Many residents have expressed to me that they feel left out and many "improvements" have not improved their daily lives.
14:33:05	 From  Sheila Kiscaden, Olmsted Commissioner : The language that the DMC/DMC consultant is using about the recovery from the Pandemic and the economic future is not language that others in the region will see as including the region and broader economic interests and opportunities. Suggest that some refinement of the language to indicate a broader regional intent would be wise and bring benefit.
14:33:13	 From  Mark Bransford : Ward 2: big time ditto to Stephanie’s point
14:35:05	 From  Sheila Kiscaden, Olmsted Commissioner : Amen to Stephanie and Mark's comments about Ward 2 and other core neighborhoods that will be affected as the transit corridor and other redevelopment is planned and implemented.
14:35:12	 From  Mark Bransford : Ward 2: To Sheila’s point, I’ve heard that from a lot of people in my ward too
14:35:19	 From  Harry Hoffman : I am concerned that parking and transit are not going to be such urgent issues when it becomes clear to everyone how few Mayo administrative and support people will work in downtown Rochester after WFH gets implemented.
14:35:57	 From  Mark Bransford : May I speak?
14:36:37	 From  Nick Campion : Just a heads up that im not sure everyone knows where the wards are, so it may be helpful to give some context there.
14:37:54	 From  Jim Campbell : Mayo’s reputation has been enhanced because of their work on Covid—many related businesses will probably want to do business with Mayo as a result—are we doing everything possible to help them come to Rochester?
14:43:47	 From  Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick : Can we bring up the slide with the orange and green that has the transit data?
14:44:12	 From  Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick : Orange and blue!
14:47:30	 From  Nick Campion : Here, here to Clark’s comments. Huge opportunity here and big opportunity to align our startup ecosystem.  Land large ancillary businesses and expand our ecosystem.  We’ve been seeing this to date as partnerships spawn starts and startups spawn growth.
14:48:26	 From  Sheila Kiscaden, Olmsted Commissioner : What is the current thinking of the DMC Board and EDA regarding your role in advancing the community's ability to create new workforce housing?
14:50:23	 From  Molly Dennis : In reflection of the wonderful example given earlier of moving from NY to MN to have a larger home.  I love that people want to live in Rochester/Olmsted.  However has there been discussion on how "Work from Anywhere" might unfortunately price out the local community?  i.e. how can a full time local elementary teacher compete for housing with hundreds of high paying remote jobs moving here
14:51:18	 From  Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick : Yes Stephanie! The less fortunate that so often miss out on much of what we’re talking about.
14:51:36	 From  Destination Medical Center : Council Member Kirkpatrick, here is the traffic data graphic:
14:51:50	 From  Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick : Thanks!



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PlanScape Impact(s): Arts & Culture ; Economic Development ; Housing ; Sustainability ; Transportation ; Workforce Development ; Vision/Identity
Last modified: February 03, 2021 Public Report From Destination Medical Center (DMC)

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