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February 2022 Age-Friendly Planning

When Feb 01, 2022
from 02:30 PM to 04:00 PM
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At present, we have three working groups. Participation in these groups remain open. If you would like to join a group(s), please contact the conveners listed below.

(1)    aging-in-place looking considering resources and supports for older adults who (as most do) are choosing to stay in their current homes, resources and supports for older adult aging-in-place with chronic conditions; resources and supports for caregivers.

  1. a.       The group is working with aligning two sets of data: identified needs and an assets inventory being complied by UMR CoLab students.
  2. b.       Some AFOC participants have expressed interest in a working group with a specific caregivers/caregiving focus.
  3. c.       This group has generally been meeting via Zoom bi-weekly Thursdays 4pm-5pm. Check with April Sutor ( for current meetings link.


(2)    aging-in-place readiness looking at collecting, curating, and actively making available information remaining at home and preparations to do so.

  1. a.       This group is also developing a format for use reporting out the group action plans.
  2. b.       This group has generally been meeting via Zoom bi-weekly Fridays 10am-11am. Check with Alan Hansen ( for current meetings and link


(3)    aging-in-community looking at strategies for participation, influence, and advocacy in community policies, planning, and development projects.

  1. a.       This group’s outcomes would include changes that benefit older adults in community environments, relationships, institutions, or organizations, including changes in issue visibility, community norms, partnerships, public will, political will, policies, regulations.
  2. b.       This group has generally been meeting via Zoom bi-weekly Wednesdays 4pm-5pm. Check with Dave Beal ( for current meetings and link.


  1. 1.            Updates
  2. 2.            Reports/Discussions from work groups
  3. 3.            Diversity, equity, inclusion [see below]

From the Age-Friendly Olmsted County Community Assessment Findings Report | June 2021


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Aging

The World Health Organization makes an important connection between aging and social justice, noting that life expectancies vary widely across societies and are linked to social and environmental conditions in each place. Similarly, in its final recommendations to the governor in August 2020, the Governor’s Council on an Age-Friendly Minnesota makes diversity and inclusion a centerpiece of its work to recognize the impacts of racism and longstanding disparities experienced by various groups of older Minnesotans—particularly people of color, as well as low-income residents, and residents of rural areas, among others.

Age-Friendly Olmsted County similarly commits to these principles. Age-friendliness is inherently focused on broad and expansive inclusion, and we will work to ensure that we are inclusive not only of age but of income, race, ethnicity, (dis)ability, geography, and other characteristics commonly tied to discrimination. p 15


Increasing racial and ethnic diversity

Olmsted County residents, primarily in Rochester, are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse. Younger people are more diverse than older ones, which is generally true more broadly throughout the U.S., as well. In 2019, nearly 84% of all county residents were white, compared to almost 94% of those ages 65 and over. There is a greater contrast in Rochester, where 79.4% of the overall population is white, compared to 92.5% of those 65 and over.


Beliefs, norms, and customs related to aging often vary considerably across cultures, and as more residents from different racial and ethnic groups age into older adulthood, the need for culturally appropriate services, healthcare and preventative care, and education will become increasingly important. pp 17-18


Racial, health, and income disparities

Olmsted County’s 2019 CHNA exposed numerous disparities for people of color and low-income people—again, increasingly important as our population diversifies. Among these disparities is the poverty rate for Black residents in Rochester, which is 35 percentage points higher than for white residents, one of the biggest gaps among comparably-sized metro areas. Other examples are noted later in this report. AFOC must deliberately include the needs of older people of color, those who are low-income, and other groups who experience disparities to ensure that all residents benefit from the work of this initiative. p 18



Dave Beal

Age-Friendly Olmsted County Coordinator

Family Service Rochester

4600 18th Ave NW

Rochester, MN 55901








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2. A list of noteworthy past events that have one or more of the following contents: presentation slides, video recordings as well as takeaways. 

Upcoming Events
Punch 9 for Harold Washington Feature Documentary Jun 16, 2024 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM — RCTC Hill Theatre, 851 30th Av. SE, Rochester, MN
2024 Village Farmers Market Kickoff Jun 18, 2024 04:00 PM - 07:00 PM — History Center of Olmsted County
Juneteenth Jubilee Breakfast Jun 19, 2024 09:30 AM - 11:30 AM — Empire Event Center 1517 16th Street Southwest Rochester, MN 55902
PossAbilities: The Art of Theatre - Skills Class Jun 20, 2024 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM — 1808 3rd Ave. SE, Rochester
2024 Walk Around the World Jun 22, 2024 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM — History Center of Olmsted County
CMRC June 2024 Meeting Jun 24, 2024 04:30 PM - 06:00 PM — Virtual
Rochesterfest 2024 Jun 25, 2024 - Jun 29, 2024 — Soldiers Field, Rochester, MN
2024 LMC Annual Conference in Rochester Jun 26, 2024 - Jun 28, 2024 — Mayo Civic Center 30 Civic Center Drive SE 55904 Rochester MN United States
Zubrom Valley Medical Society Eye Care Clinic Jun 29, 2024 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM — Christ United Methodist Church
2024 The Village FARM Fest Jul 18, 2024 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM — Covenant Church, 4950 31st Ave NW, Rochester
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Mixed Housing Mayo Civic Center Parking Lot

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Council action is requested to continue development negotiations with Sherman Associates and conditionally approve development assistance of up to $13,000,000 in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) assistance and up to $3,000,000 in DMC General State Infrastructure Aid.  

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Olmsted County Community Indicators 2023

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1. Demographics 2. Population by age 3. Diversity 4. Foreign-born population 5. Languages and ancestry 6. Educational trends 7. Household income 8. Poverty status 9. Health factors 10. Housing and living 11. Labor force 12. Unemployment rate 13. Election trends 14. Community safety 15. Environmental factors 16. Highlights 17. References

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May MN Compass Newsletter

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5/10/2024 Conversation Olmsted County Rep and CMRC Rep.: Regarding Olmsted County Community Council's DEI initiative called Mobilizing Olmsted Voices for Equity (M.O.V.E) 

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