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Beam Top News Log

June 21, 2024



Olmsted County Community Indicators


Med Tech

DMC Bio Rochester Converging with MN MedTed 3.0




ISAIAH Homes for Our Neighbors



City of Rochester Community Building Fund


May 10, 2024


Health Determinants Tool: CredibleMind


City Council Study Session: Transit Village, Business Development, Historic District

 DMC: Private Investment Trend

Non-Mayo Investment Profile

City DEI Plan at CMRC April Meeting


April 10, 2024





March 10, 2024



EBE: Equity in the built environment

Housing: Economic Development Incentives for Housing

OpenBeam Questions regarding New Org Structure

2024: Year of Respect



February 20, 2024



City of Rochester Support of Mayo Clinic Bold Forward Unfound

Get Paid to help others toward homeownership

 ACT-SO Olympics of the Mind

Black History Month



January 23, 2024



Equity in Built Environment (Bloomberg) 

2024 Year of Respect

 ACT-SO Olympics of the Mind

SE SBDC Partners with ACHLA


December 5, 2023



Protect MN Presentation to CMRC


DMC Riverfront Plan Discussions


Co-designing to increase healthcare access for pregnant people.


 DMC Equity Alliance Series


October 19, 2023 Top 4



City Council October Study Session Co-design Q/A 

Technology Referendum: Takeaways from CMRC September Meeting

CMRC to Call for Allignment of  Omsted County BUP Effotrts 


Health Equity: Community Health Collaboration Portal Proposal Enters Second Round of Mayo Social Innovation Grant Evaluation

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October 8, 2023 Top 4  


Top Four Noteworthy Beam Aware Community Activities (Updated 10//08/20/23)

September 2023 Top 4


Top Four Noteworthy Beam Aware Community Activities (Updated 08//29/20/23)

Augst 2023 Top 4 

July 2023 Top 4 


May 2023 Top 4

Top Four Noteworthy Beam Aware Community Activities (Updated 05/12/20/23)

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Presentation April City Council Study Session

Housing: Rochester Area Housing Analysis 


Mr. & Miss Juneteenth Scholarship 

Co-Design: Inauguration of  Co-design Partners




 March 2023 Top 4


Top Four Noteworthy Beam Aware Community Activities (Updated 03/19/20/23)


 January 2023


Top Four Noteworthy Beam Aware Community Activities (Updated 01/22/20/23)


 November 2023


Top Four Noteworthy Beam Aware Community Activities (Updated 11/20/20/22)

 Joint Studies: Racism and Public Health

Olmsted County Presentation to

CMRC November 17. 2022

City of Rochester

City of Rochester DEI 

Update  to CMRC



Mixed Use Site Development

Riverfront Small Area

Plan Report


DMC Equitable Development Status


October 2022


Top Four Noteworthy Beam Aware Community Activities (Updated 10/16/22)

 September 2022



 Rochester Public Schools Strategic Plan 2022



Request for Proposals to Spur Senior Housing Development

DMC Housing Summit

Downtown Development 6th Street Bridge

USDOT $19.9M Award 

Bridge Concept Design Meeting November 2021

Community Pulse

County of Olmsted, MN Resident Survey


August 2022


Top Four Noteworthy Beam Aware Community Activities (Updated 8/27/22)

July 2022

June 2022

The following projects have noteworthy updates 2022-03-21)


Olmsted County Joint Study

Online Survey


One Olmsted Presentation to CMRC

City of Rochester DEI Action Plan

After completing a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) audit in early 2021, the City of Rochester developed DEI goals for the years to come. 


Q1 2022 Health Assessment & Planning  

Health Dashboard


Community News

This panel displays the latest community news. For a standalone view please click this LINK.

City Housing Support

Home Ownership Creation Program - Prairie Ridge: "NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Common Council of the City of Rochester, MN hereby approves the contribution of $4,000,000 to the Prairie Ridge development to support the creation of 201 for-sale homes via the Home Ownership Creation Program.


Last Updated July 17, 2024

How does racism impact people’s health?

 New Mayo Clinic, U of M framework aims to guide future research. The framework defines structural racism as the “totality of ways in which societies foster racial discrimination through mutually reinforcing systems of housing, education, employment, earnings, benefits, credit, media, health care and criminal justice.”

Last Updated July 13, 2024

Norsq Cos Townhomes & Two state-supported Mayowood housing projects

PB Reporting Housing Projects

Proposed $68M 187-unit rental townhome project.

Olmsted County Trailside Apartments $13 million project 36-Unit Senior Apartments, Bear Creek Development and Three Rivers Community Action $22.7 million Restoration Glen, 48-Unit Apartment Complex,


Last Updated July 11, 2024

United Way of Olmsted County Report

$1.1 million funding for 48 participants 2024-07-10

FoodSecurity noun “limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods or limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways” (USDA).

Last Updated July 10, 2024

2024 Targeted Business Enterprise Utilization Plan Reports

2Q 2024: June 2024May 2024 - Admin Message, TBE Report; April 2024 - Admin Message, TBE Report

1Q 2024: Feb 2024 - Admin Message, TBE Report; Jan 2024: Admin Message, TBE Report

Special callouts: Women in Construction; City of Rochester Equity in Development 

Last Updated July 01, 2024

City of Rochester - Justice, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (JEDI) Audit Status

June 24, 2024 City Council Study Session: Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Audit per Goodenough 

Departmental Audit reports of: Human Resources; Rochester Public Library; Parks & Rec 


Last Updated June 26, 2024

Rochester Area Volunteer Administration Training Info

Volunteer Recruitment Effectiveness: What can advertising teach us? 

Volunteer Process Assessment 

Last Updated June 22, 2024

Somali American Social Service Association

SASSA to receive $1M from MN to train workers for high-demand employment. 

The funding is awarded under the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) Targeted Populations Workforce Competitive Grant Program.

Last Updated June 21, 2024

Community Building Fund

The City of Rochester welcomes applications for the Community Building Fund.  This fund is all about supporting projects, programs, and events in the city that actively promote equity and inclusion.

Last Updated June 20, 2024

Homes for our Neighbors Community Gathering

Calling for Community Support at Community Meeting:  The most recent Olmsted County Maxfield Study found that from 2020-2030, housing demand required 18,000 new housing units. 71% would need to be general-occupancy and 29% age-restricted senior housing.


Last Updated June 15, 2024

Mixed Housing Mayo Civic Center Parking Lot

June 3, 2024 City Council Meeting 

Council action is requested to continue development negotiations with Sherman Associates and conditionally approve development assistance of up to $13,000,000 in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) assistance and up to $3,000,000 in DMC General State Infrastructure Aid.  

Last Updated June 13, 2024

PossAbilities Announcements

June 20, 2024 Skills Class: The Art of Theatre

Collaboration with CMRC: Presentation Slides, Video Recording Clip

Last Updated June 11, 2024

Three Rivers Restorative Justice Circle

Three River Restorative Justice and Project Legacy Restorative Circle re Century High racial hate incident

Circle included Kendall Hughes, co-founder of Three Rivers Restorative Justice, a partner of Project Legacy

Last Updated June 11, 2024

Olmsted County Community Indicators 2023

Report contains info: 

1. Demographics 2. Population by age 3. Diversity 4. Foreign-born population 5. Languages and ancestry 6. Educational trends 7. Household income 8. Poverty status 9. Health factors 10. Housing and living 11. Labor force 12. Unemployment rate 13. Election trends 14. Community safety 15. Environmental factors 16. Highlights 17. References

Last Updated June 09, 2024

ISAIAH Rochester Agenda

Focus Area: Housing; Our Next Generation; Healthcare; Community-Building; Climate

Activities: Rochester Faith in MN & ISAIAH Calendar and Strategic Missions

Reference: CMRC June 24, 2024 Meeting Presentation Video


Last Updated June 09, 2024

Metro State University Invitation

White House Initiative on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (WHIAANHPI) Economic Summit in St. Paul, MN on July 2, 2024

Last Updated June 07, 2024

May 2024 Minnesota Compass Newsletter

May MN Compass Newsletter

Importance of data disaggregation: Minnesota's Asian Population, Minnesota's Black communities

Last Updated June 03, 2024

Mr and Ms JuneTeenth 2024

2024 Recognition

$1K Scholarship: 2024 Rochester H.S. Graduate: Application and Nomination, Sponsorship and Donation support

Facebook photos of 2024 Mr. and Miss Juneteenth

Last Updated May 29, 2024

DMC's BioRoch effort to Collaborate with MN MedTech 3.0

DMCC Board Updates:

1. May 2024 Status Memo to DMCC Board  

2. Feb 2024 DMCC Board Meeting: Video Clip of Discussion at Feb 1 2024 DMCC Board - DMC part of MedTech 3.0; Memo to DMCC

3. Nov. 2023 Video Clip of Discussion at DMCC Board Meeting about MN MedTech 3.0 Description and Webinar

References: US DEA Tech Hub Awardees 

Last Updated May 27, 2024

1H 2024 Destination Medical Center


May 2024 DMCC Board Meeting and City, County, DMC Joint Meeting

Feb 2024 DMCC Board Meeting

Last Updated May 24, 2024